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Restarting, again

It has been a long time since I haven’t written a post on my blog. I have long grappled with severe impostor syndrome and the crippling feeling that things must be perfect and parts of a bigger plan.

The issue is that I don’t really have a plan. I’m not letting myself float in a vacuum, either. I do my best to navigate that strange world to the best of my ability and build a place as comfortable as possible.

So, why restart again? Why blogging again?

A personal experiment might be part of the answer. I want to experiment more and learn how to document the projects I’m starting. I might even finish some of those. Who knows? 😉

I’ll expand more on my struggles and hopes in the upcoming installments. But for now, it might end up in a catchy summary: “Do stuff and tell stories.”.
I sometimes explore fun stuff and never tell anyone. At the same time, I’m complaining about the pressure of business as usual. It’s time to break that cycle.

At Laracon US 2023 Nashville, the great Aaron Francis gave a super inspiring talk precisely on that topic: “Publishing Your Work”. It is surely time to do exactly just that.

I started that blog to document an exploration of a path toward desirable futures. That journey might begin from within. Let’s explore it together.

To desirable futures,



  1. Guillaume

    I will be watching for future updates 😉 It is not as easy as it seems but definitely worth it!

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